Our self-understanding

  1. community.

    We want to build an attentive and caring space where everyone can learn and train, but which is also a place to relax and meet. We want to offer a space to grow together within juggling, acrobatics and artistry as well as beyond, and to establish connections between different communities. It is important to us that the convention is as low-threshold, accessible and inclusive as possible. This includes ensuring that people with limited financial resources and families can take part and that we take the best possible account of different accessibility requirements.

    We need all of you to support this idea. The convention is a participatory event based on the principle of "community for the community". So get involved and be a part of it!

  2. Safer Space.

    As initiators, we are an open circle of friends that welcomes new perspectives and the expression of needs.

    Racist, sexist, ableist, trans- and/or queer\*phobic behaviour, body shaming, problematic esotericism² and any form of assault or discrimination have no place here. For us, this self-demand also means responsibility and the ability to take criticism.

  3. Brave Space.

    The collective is an emancipatory place where we inspire each other, share knowledge without hierarchy and dare to follow our own curiosity. We enjoy trying things out. This also includes practising assessing our own capacities and limits and communicating them.

¹ As we have not been working together for so long, there are certainly still gaps here. We are in an ongoing process and are open to new perspectives.

² It is complex. Drawing the line between spirituality and esotericism is particularly difficult and requires a major negotiation process. As we unfortunately do not have the ressources for such a negotiation for the upcoming convention, we have decided to explicitly exclude offers with a strong focus on spirituality.